Position Description

IT Team Operations Analyst
Location GH Arizona - Phoenix
Job Category Academy - Support Staff (Office Manager, School Nurse, Librarian, etc.)
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POSITION:                 IT Team Operations Analyst  

LOCATION:                PHOENIX, AZ

REPORTS TO:             Director Information Technology

Company Description

Great Hearts Academies is a non-profit network of charter schools dedicated to improving education by developing excelling public prep schools.  Great Hearts’ academies are substantially outperforming other public and private schools, proving that tuition-free schools can do a superb job of educating students if they are smaller, more efficient, and set higher expectations for all students through a core, classical liberal arts curriculum.  Great Hearts Academies gladly prepares their graduates for success in the best colleges and universities in the nation, but their main purpose is the formation of the soul, heart, and mind.  We believe that the highest goal of education is to become good, intellectually and morally.  The success of Great Hearts is based on combining an unwavering commitment to classical liberal arts education with the understanding that our schools can constantly be improved through sound, data-driven leadership. 

Position Summary

The IT Coordinator work autonomously and is responsible for national IT equipment asset management (including life cycle management), regional vendor management and non-standard product management.   Additionally, the IT Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the IT department’s legal, accounting, service level agreements and project management documentation is completed and filed or communicated per compliance with policy, procedures, contracts and system’s development life cycle methodology. This includes enforcing defined processes for validating invoices to contracted pricing and within approved budgets, recommending the next step planning for upcoming contractual expirations.  All vendor relationships will have an IT team member assigned as the Main Point of Contact (MPC)  for the vendor.  The IT Coordinator will serve the role of  MPC as needed, ensuring serve as the central point of contact for all KPIs are being met and documentation associated with any vendor driven project activity is collected in the IT online library, including evidence to the management of these KPIs for future reference or for legal purposes.

Key to this position is the creation of all Request for Proposals (RFP) including the assurance that all regional legal requirements are being met and all corresponding documentation including the logging and tracking of all information required for federal or state audit purposes.  As the RFP coordinator, this position interfaces with the vendors and works with other GH IT members as the RFP Coordinator delegates appropriate responsibilities to various team members.  The IT RFP coordinator is responsible for establishing timelines and ensuring delegated task and milestones are completed in a timely manner.    This position works closely with all regional accounting and legal departments/vendor. 

Duties & Responsibilities

This position requires a combination of strong organization and communications skills and comfort in the use of technology and technology terminology. The right candidate will have a results orientation, and the capacity to manage multiple tasks while communicating effectively with multiple constituents.  The IT Coordinator will be a key resource to the Head of the IT Department for all regions.

The IT Coordinator will initiate, coordinate and prepare the documentation for the IT Budgets for all schools and the home office.  This will require a review and assessment of current assets and a good understanding of any standard equipment changes along with an analysis of warranty information.  This position will work with the company’s main IT Managed Service Provider in creating a  “state of technology” report for each school which will be delivered to each Headmasters prior to the Academy’s budget preparation.

Responsibilities include conducting analysis, performing vendor management, creating plans and supporting various activities within the  IT team and its customers as the team strives to exceed expectations and create an exciting and motivating culture of a well-managed service oriented, continuous improvement culture.

Primary responsibilities

  • Work autonomously / independently in completing the responsibilities as outlined in this job description

  • Initiate the management of all new vendors.

  • Determine equipment life cycle and early retirement criteria

  • Create, plan and manage all Request for Proposals (RFPs)

  • Manage the government eRate program, responding to auditors’ questions and/or request for information

  • Gather, assemble and analyze and submit all required information for the annual budget process for all schools and Home Office based on organizational goals

  • Follow up with vendors and other resources to confirm, when needed, their commitments and deliverables.

  • Track contractual obligations and report on upcoming expiration dates and recommend next step activities.

  • Create / Maintain a document management process that allows for quick and easy access to all relevant internal IT documentation.

  • Ensure an expedited and accurate invoices and expense approval processing is being followed.

  • Update Standard IT Operating Procedures and Policies as required.

  • Draft and/or Proof over and modify requested IT communication to the end users (IT articles).

Qualifications, Competencies and Strengths

The Regional IT Coordinator position offers an exceptional opportunity to develop professionally and contribute meaningfully to a unique organization which is changing K-12 education in this country. While experience in education is not a requirement, Great Hearts is seeking people who are passionate and committed to K-12 education reform. Similarly, experience working within a high-growth, geographically-dispersed, multi-unit operating environment is also a plus.

  • Self-starter

  • 1 - 2 years’ experience in creating project plans and managing to those plans

  • 2 – 3 years technology experience working in an IT team environment

  • Strong aptitude for quickly learning

  • Strong logic skills.

  • Strong excel skills (including pivot tables)

  • Excellent organization skills

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Strong aptitude for paying attention to details

  • Strong excel skills and pivot table experience

  • Bachelor's degree is a plus

Personal Qualities and Values

As a member of the Great Hearts IT team, we value each of our team members as individuals but believe that we achieve the greatest results by working together. We willingly sacrifice individual interests and recognition for greater collective impact.  Members of this team should enjoy being a team player. A vibrant shared services center, and the competitive aspiration, well-being, and camaraderie of this team, is an essential complement to the Great Hearts academic community.

The core virtues that we seek to model and instill in our students should also be reflected by members of the Great Hearts administrative offices, including members of the Great Hearts IT team:

  • Responsibility.  We accept obligations and we act on those obligations in a manner suitable to their timely and satisfactory fulfillment.  We are willingly accountable for what we do and say, and we seek to learn from our mistakes.

  • Perseverance and Courage.  We spurn despair and strive to complete tasks to the best of our abilities, regardless of the difficulty.  We respond creatively to overcome obstacles and ask for help when necessary

  • Integrity and Honesty.  We are individuals of strong ethical values, who make consistently good choices in keeping with our knowledge of right and wrong.  We are always truthful in what we say and do, regardless of the circumstances or consequences.

  • Citizenship and Humility.  We give of our time and abilities to serve others.  We uphold liberty and social equality through respect for individual differences and always strive to do our best whether we are recognized or not.

  • Friendship.  We regard others and ourselves as deserving of kind and just treatment.  Our conduct is considerate and polite.  We look for the good in others and demonstrate compassion.  Our attitudes toward others reflect the way we wish to be treated.

  • Wisdom.  We learn from our mistakes and think before we act.  We look to each other and our past successes for guidance on making good choices.

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