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Entry Level All Stars - Artists & Animators
Location 2K Publishing (Novato, CA)
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Hey folks, this is not a formal open job. This All Star folder is a way for us to keep in touch with you! We don't frequently have a high volume of entry level roles available, and unfortunately none are open as of today. But, they do become available every once in a while. The next time we DO have an entry level role open, it will really help to know who you are, and what you want to do. If you want to be considered in the future, when the next Entry Level Role or Internship does open up, please upload your resume along with a cover letter that tells us something about you.  We will keep your data in our files and possibly contact you at some point in the future.

Below are some tips we think might be helpful to someone who is just starting off their career. Feel free to take a look.


  • Don't just tell us about your "atention to detail”
  • Prove you have what it takes with your attention to detail. (See what we did there?)


  • For Entry level Programmers or Engineers, we are generally looking for solid computer science educational background, good grades, strong skills in C++, and a lot of desire to make console video games
  • Make something bad-ass in the discipline you want to pursue and then show us what you made.
  • Give us a reason to pick you over all the other people who speak C++. Nothing says I love you like super clean C++ code & some really great home-grown games or killer student game projects.
  • You have been making Half-Life, Quake & Doom mods since you were 9? Awesome, let's see some code!


  • Everyone thinks they have the best, most unique ideas. Prove it. With humility. That's the challenge. The industry sometimes seems full of big egos with small talent.
  • Be the designer with big talent and a small ego. Chances are we may decide to interview that person.


  • We love hyperlinks. Don't send us the DVD of your portfolio, level designs or code samples. Please. We beg of you. Send a link to your website with all your talent and skills prominently displayed on that new-fangled Internet thingy. That way we don't have to feel guilty when we throw out your DVD (this is what happens to those old DVD’s when we run out of space to file them). 
  • Just Go Green instead! Make a website!


  • While we are impressed that you can write a funnel essay, we may not always have the time to read all that
  • Tell us about yourself succinctly - give us two well written paragraphs at most
  • Also, it's hard to believe that "you've dreamed of working at 2K since you were 2" when your cover letter is addressed to "Dear Bungie HR.”  We know you've got student loans to pay off, but slow down a bit and make us feel special.


  • Include tasty little tidbits. We want to know if you were an Eagle Scout, if you were recognized for never missing a day of school, if you founded G.A.M.E (Gamers Against Meat Eating) in college, or perhaps you went to NASA science camp, or earned a black belt in Karate by age 15.
  • We want to learn things about your dependability, commitment, ability to organize a group. See how we did that?
  • You've got skills!  Were you the guy who sent out the “free pizza in the kitchen” emails at Valve last summer?! Great! You slogged away an entire summer in QA at EA? Good! Internships are your golden ticket. Get them. Do well at them, and then prominently display them on your resume. This translates into real world experience.



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