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Cinematics Producer - Temporary
Location 2K Publishing (Novato, CA)
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Who We Are:

2K’s Creative Production Team is the secret ingredient of all 2K’s projects. We coordinate dozens of projects across multiple studios both internal and third-party and serve as the organizers of all outsourced work - from finding the most appropriate vendors, facilitating the testing process, to ensuring timely content deliveries and fluid communication. If this sounds like a job that requires wearing a lot of hats, that is because it is!

What We Need:

The secret to 2K’s best-selling titles are compelling narrative and rich storytelling and we need someone who can coordinate external vendors on creating cinematics for our next big franchise! You’ll need to love the art of finding strong vendors, preparing and directing testing materials, coordinating between the vendor and the developer, and managing the cinematics deliverables over the lifetime of the development cycle.  If you’re the kind of person who loves to strategize and coordinate, solve problems, tear down walls, negotiate the best deal, ensure timely deliverables, and get the best for everyone, then this is the job for you!

What You Will Do:

  • Sourcing vendors, negotiating rates, and conducting a well-structured testing process to find the best team for the job
  • Ensuring clear, concise communication between the vendor and the developer client
  • Ability to craft and enforce an articulate development schedule for cinematics
  • Conduct regular team check-ins and disseminate critical feedback to key stakeholders, wrangling information and ensuring everyone is aligned
  • Crafting contract language and managing purchase orders for vendor payments
  • Quality assurance on deliverables, identifying unacceptable visual glitches or technical issues that would otherwise waste the dev team’s time


Who We Think Will Be A Great Fit:

This is a job that requires vigilant proactivity –if we don’t take the initiative and prepare for the product’s needs, no one else will.  And as we are a big organization that operates lean, the ideal candidate needs to be a self-starter, adept at managing their own time, and an excellent communicator and record keeper.  Above all, the ideal candidate must provide steadfast guidance to the vendors, and act as a qualitative filter on deliverables. Your keen artistic eye must be able to intercept visual issues on deliverables that could waste the developer’s time, as well as identify and help to resolve technical issues with content.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 1-3 years’ experience producing video game cinematics.
  • Experience with Motion Capture, Voice Over Recording, Cinematics Production or similar.
  • Excellent verbal and written skills, with the ability to break down complicated goals into detailed, digestible and clear content descriptions.
  • Proven ability to work with creative and technical partners across sites and time zones. Adept at MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint
  • Ability to identify and analyze risks while leading mitigation support
  • Highly collaborative and able to communicate gracefully

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