Position Description

Lead Technical Animator
Location 2K Publishing (Novato, CA)
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Who We Are:

We’re starting up a new team here at 2K to – surprise! – make a video game. We are a small, scrappy group with a ton of ambition AND the resources to see it realized. That’s pretty rare these days. Think of us like a well-funded startup but without all the gross tech culture trappings. This is an opportunity to join an incredible project on the ground floor.

We’re also hard at work creating a supportive and inclusive culture. Here’s what’s important to us:

Honesty. We do our best to tell it like it is. No information hoarding. No passive-aggressive manipulation. We care about keeping the lines of communication open and uncluttered.

Diversity. Games are better when they are created by people of diverse backgrounds and experiences. Accessibility matters to us – and this is just about mechanics. All players should be able to relate to the experience we’re creating. And we can’t be more accessible if we’re not actively trying to increase representation on the team and in our game.

Collaboration. So this is on every job posting ever and then the experience is totally the opposite. We’re going to do our best to mean what we say. We’re not sticking people into discipline silos. You’ll probably be working in a pod – collaborating (see!) with people from diverse disciplines and backgrounds.

Opportunity. We believe that people good at what they do shouldn’t be promoted out of their discipline. They should be recognized and rewarded for their talents, not prevented from doing what they excel at. As a result, we’ve instituted a Principal track. You can continue being amazing at what you do without feeling like you’ve hit a dead end or missed out.

Your well-being. Work-life balance is important to us and assume it’s important to you. We’re going to do our best to avoid a lot of the traditional pitfalls that lead to crunch. We’re not into negative reinforcement or creating a culture of fear.

What We Need:

We are looking for a Lead Technical Animator to work side by side with the directors and leads to carry the vision forward. We want you to set the example, leading efforts to help us breathe life into a new and fantastical world. Together, we will set the stage for a stunning narrative and systems-driven experience.

What You Will Do:
  • Create and maintain rigs (both body and facial) and skinning for characters, vehicles and props
  • Specify, develop, and maintain rigging and animation tools for getting animations from mocap to game
  • Collaborate with Art and Engineering, drive research, workflows, and technologies for improved deformations, animation fidelity, and streamlined content creation processes
  • Troubleshoot technical issues related to rigs, animations, and animation performance
  • Mentor and manage other technical artists - ensuring that each has clear, actionable tasking and feedback
  • Work with Production to identify blocking issues, develop milestone roadmaps, and participate in short-term sprint planning
Who We Think Will Be A Great Fit:
  • A love for inspiring others and tackling challenging technical assignments head on
  • Significant experience developing body and facial rigs for shipped AAA games or feature films. Experience developing/shipping AAA First-Person shooters a plus
  • Lead experience managing process across departmental disciplines. You are someone who sets an example for positive collaborative process. Self-motivation, good communications skills, and a great team-player attitude
  • Significant experience writing animation, rigging, and UI tools in Maya.  Motionbuilder experience a plus
  • Proficiency in one or more programming/GUI languages (Ex. Python, PySide/PyQt). C#/C++/Maya API experience a plus
  • An exceptional understanding of anatomy, caricature, form, gesture, and silhouette
  • A strong understanding of traditional animation principles and how they can be applied to videogames
  • Experience investigating new techniques, implementing them and training the team
  • A love for research, reference, and documenting findings to share with the team
  • The ability to effectively translate creative ambition and onscreen feature requests into the achievable technical tasks required to realize them