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RV Sales Product Specialist (4876)
Job Location Jacksonville, FL
Employment duration Full time
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As a Product Specialist, you are responsible for becoming an expert in every product that we sell with a goal to effectively work with potential RV buyers to find the right RVs to match their needs. You should be fully capable of both the traditional face to face and the Internet-Specific RV sales processes. You will also be responsible for receiving and responding to internet inquiries and phone calls that result from company generated leads and self-generated leads as well as prospects that visit the Travelcamp store (showroom visits). Additionally, it is required that you learn the “8 Step Road to Sale” process and follow it. You must work according to the schedule provided by management and achieve minimum activity requirements as well as meet production expectations. You can expect a quarterly review to be conducted and at which time if it is determined minimum production expectations are not being met, a probationary period will begin. Management will work closely with you to assist in lifting performance to meet expectation. This will be required for continued employment beyond the 30-day probationary period.


You will be evaluated primarily on the following top five key activities:

1. 200 monthly outbound emails & 200 monthly outbound calls minimum

2. 25 monthly verified appointments minimum

3. Maintain 0 overdue tasks

4. 1-hour response time average on internet leads

5. Perform 5 daily craigslist postings


Expectation is 8 deals average minimum per month to total 24 deals minimum per quarter.

In addition to the above, you will be evaluated on self-discipline, attitude, self-management, and self-motivation.

The Product Specialist is required to execute customer communication via email, telephone and face to face that conforms to the standards and processes put into effect by the management staff at Travelcamp, LLC. Regularly scheduled training will be provided. In addition, as a Product Specialist you will be assigned some responsibilities related to social media, internet marketing and inventory crank and inspects.

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