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School Overview

The International Community School of Addis Ababa was established in 1964 to serve the expatriate and local communities of Addis. We currently educate 950 students from 60+ countries. Our students come from a wide variety of educational backgrounds and most speak English as a second or third language.

Our mission is to nurture the talents, character and intellect of all learners, challenging them to be a positive influence and empowering them to excel in their world.

Our vision for learning at ICS Addis includes:

  • engaging learning experiences through inquiry and reflection
  • a broad range of local, global and virtual opportunities
  • innovative and flexible use of resources

All elementary classrooms include a full time teaching assistant; many of our TAs have masters degrees in education from SUNY Buffalo. There are a limited number of TAs in the secondary. In the high school, we encourage all students to participate in the IB Diploma Program. Service learning is an integral part of learning at ICS and there are opportunities for teachers to be engaged in service projects as well.

ICS is an inclusive school, enrolling a small percentage of students with moderate or intensive learning support requirements. These students are integrated into our classrooms for much or all of the school day. We provide a merit scholarship program for 16 high-achieving Ethiopian students in the high school—four in each grade. Almost all of our students are involved in school activities and sports beyond the academic day. Teachers chaperone “Week Without Walls” trips within Ethiopia for grades 4–12. Teachers and teaching assistants also provide one hour per week (or more) of student contact time outside of class for two of our three activity seasons—in coaching, clubs or activities.

ICS teachers are expected to work collaboratively with colleagues each week around student learning, common assessments, unit planning, curriculum development or reflection, and professional growth. The ICS Learner Profile guides planning and assessment throughout the school. We use inquiry as a model and technology as a tool for teaching and learning at all grade levels. Our curriculum is available on the school website and is based on Common Core, NGSS, AERO and other standards. Programs in use at ICS to support learning and teaching include Atlas, Moodle, PowerSchool (with standards-based grading) and Google docs. There is an early dismissal every Wednesday and expectations for working together one or two times during the week.

Middle and High Schools

The middle and high schools are organized in a block schedule, with four 85-minute periods every day; students are scheduled into eight different blocks. A full time teaching load is five blocks every two days, plus daily grade-level advisory time. Regular communication with parents is expected. Beyond student contact time, teachers are also involved with curriculum development and assisting the school in accomplishing its strategic objectives.

Middle School Program

The middle school includes almost 200 students in grades 6–8 and has developed a strong identity as a unique learning environment, separate from the high school. We provide a quality education to our multi-cultural student body by focusing on inquiry and skills for critical thinking, collaboration, leadership, creativity and effective communication through standards-referenced courses. Our teachers incorporate 21st century models of teaching, which promote, among other things, global citizenship and media literacy skills that will prepare our students for a rapidly changing world. Teachers work together regularly to co-plan units and activities by grade level teams and with teaching partners where applicable. Each grade level currently includes about 60 students, and is shepherded by a team of core teachers that work closely together. Daily advisory and weekly community times (including assemblies and cross-grade level house activities) develop a sense of community and belonging within the larger school.

High School Program

The high school offers a comprehensive educational program to over 200 students, consisting of the following options: the ICS diploma, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, a modified ICS diploma program and a non-diploma high school transitions program for students with special needs. Visual and performing arts complement our courses in mathematics, sciences, languages, literature, humanities and physical education/health. Most of our graduates pursue the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Most of our students continue in higher education after graduating from ICS, attending top-ranked and selective colleges and universities around the world. Teachers serve as advisors, working with groups of grade 9-12 students. Friday assemblies develop a sense of community within the larger school and serve to celebrate student initiatives and successes. Beyond academics, students participate in a full range of after school sports, clubs, community service and other activities, allowing a wide variety of opportunities for team camaraderie, exploration, service and leadership. The high school offers a unique internship program to all grade 11 students and Week Without Walls programs in all grades.

Position Description: MS/HS Technology Coach

ICS Addis is recruiting an experienced, passionate and innovative MS/HS Technology Coach who will join the Director of Teaching and Learning, the Director of Educational Technology, the MS/HS Leadership team and a team of instructional learning coaches who support teachers in delivering and advancing ICS’s mission and vision.

The role of the MS/HS Technology Coach is to enhance student learning and teacher effectiveness by supporting and coaching teachers to effectively embed and integrate the ISTE standards and technology skills into the curriculum and instructional approaches. The ideal candidate will demonstrate strong communication, facilitation and leadership skills, as well as a commitment to plan, collaborate, co-teach, model and support teachers in innovative technology implementation and curriculum design. A skilled ability to identify, develop and provide on-going training and professional learning opportunities to faculty and various stakeholders within the ICS community is essential. A comprehensive knowledge of current technology approaches and trends in education, as well as an understanding of the ISTE standards are crucial. Adaptability and flexibility will be key in this role. A commitment toward contributing to, facilitating and supporting school technology related project designed to enhance relationships within the ICS community is required.

The ideal candidate must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with a valid teaching credential, and at least five years of teaching and technology integration experience at the MS/HS level. A Masters in Educational Technology or Educational Leadership is preferred. Prior leadership experience as an ICT teacher or instructional coach in an international school is essential.

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