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Social Impact is a global development management consulting firm. We provide monitoring, evaluation, and capacity building services to advance development effectiveness.


Collaboration, Learning and Adaptation (CLA) Lead, USAID Yemen Continuous Learning and Evaluation (YCLE) Project, based in Amman, Jordan

Location: Jordan


Proposal Summary
Social Impact (SI) is pursuing pursuing the USAID/YCLE program to provide rapidly deployed, robust, on-the ground, in-country oversight of USAID funded development activities implemented in Yemen. The purpose of YCLE is to provide a wide range of services to USAID to enable it to effectively monitor program performance and operational context; evaluate the performance and results of USAID/Yemen activities; and, learn and adapt for improved effectiveness. This contract will result in strengthened monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) systems at USAID/Yemen and enhanced MEL capacity of local entities to improve accountability and increase the use of evidence for programming, learning and adapting. The overall goal of YCLE is to enable USAID/Yemen to become a more effective and adaptive development organization, with a focus on performance and contextual monitoring and verification services; evaluation services; analysis and reporting services; collaboration, learning, and adaptive management services; and, program support services.

Position Summary
SI seeks a CLA Lead to support operationalization of CLA and knowledge management (KM) within USAID/Yemen throughout the Program Cycle; and provide high quality capacity building and learning services that supports USAID/Yemen’s evidence-based decision-making across its portfolio. YCLE is a three-year project with two option years scheduled to begin June 2020, based in Amman, Jordan. 


  • Provide capacity building and learning support services to enhance Yemen Mission’s Learning and Adaptive management capacities.
  • Organize partner, stakeholder and donor meetings to discuss progress and results; facilitate regular pause-and-reflects, donor coordination/collaboration and similar type meetings/events.
  • Assist with learning, KM, and management information systems as needed.
  • Build the capacity of USAID staff and stakeholders’ M&E knowledge, learning, overall performance management capabilities and skills using a participatory approach to design and implement the M&E program
  • Improve organizational practices and capacity for learning and adaptation with Mission staff and with respect to business processes, deepening coordination, collaboration and synergies within the Mission regarding M&E lessons learned.
  • Develop MEL-related communications and outreach, including case studies, success stories, learning and donor coordination events, social media monitoring, communication campaigns, and other activities in all media formats considered necessary as part of USAID Yemen’s MEL work.


  • A minimum of five to seven years providing collaboration, learning and adaptive management and program support services on USAID and other donor programs.
  • Demonstrated experience facilitating  regular pause-and-reflects, donor coordination/collaboration type meetings/events.
  • Prior experience improving organizational practices and capacity for learning and adaptation with Mission staff to deepen coordination, collaboration and synergies within the Mission regarding M&E lessons learned.
  • Knowledge of the Yemen development challenges, with experience working in unstable, conflict-prone, or post-conflict reconstruction environments.
  • Fluency in English required; proficiency in Arabic preferred.  Excellent English writing, speaking, and presentation skills.  Willingness and ability to travel to Yemen as needed.
  • Proven record of excellent management, leadership, decision-making, communication and interpersonal skills, including being an articulate speaker and sympathetic listener.
  • Demonstrated ability to assemble, quickly and effectively, and to manage a highly-skilled,interdisciplinary team; to interact with and lead a broad range of governmental and non-governmental actors and institutions across sectors; and to implement detailed, organized, timely,accurate M&E programs.

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