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ISA University Partnerships – Director
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I. University Partnerships (UP) (70%)


This a relationship-centered and service-oriented consultative sales position that serves as the team lead in a team of three to five people, with four such groups making up University Partnerships and each overseeing a region that is approximately one fourth of the UP portfolio. Each team will manage a portfolio of college and universities partnerships. Each team lead will have responsibility for a geographic region, including development and implementation of regional and university sales and relationship-building strategies and leadership of a regional team to success in this work.  The following section elaborates on the roles and responsibilities of the position:



  • Develop a comprehensive awareness and understanding US partner universities, including the needs, pain points, and priorities of the students, staff and faculty with regards to education abroad within your region
  • Develop a comprehensive awareness and understanding of ISA's relationship with each of WorldStrides partner universities within your region
  •  Such an awareness will be developed through you and your team acting in full service to our partners and with a proficiency of those responsibilities held by UP carried out by you or your team, including but not limited to
    • Innovative programming and engagements using the UP modalities made available, currently including but not limited to the following:
      • Affiliation and associated benefits
      • Program Approvals and Portfolio Development
      • Signature and Support Services Program Development
      • Other unique outreach initiatives to realize school specific goal (e.g. Curricular Mapping, SPARC initiatives, etc.)
    • Support the processes and policies for financial aid, admissions, credit transfer, and risk management
    • Assist site visit management team in the nomination and considerations for group and individual site visits and post-visit follow-up for whom you sponsor
    • Provide education and training opportunities to education abroad staff and campus stakeholders, including front-line advisors (peer, graduate, and professional staff)
    • Assist with supervising undergraduate student Global Ambassadors at owned or co-owned schools in assigned region
    • Provide occasional attendance of and support for student engagement and support activities, such as fairs and other recruitment activities, pre-departure orientations, and re-entry support
  • Develop and implement a strategic plan to increase partner engagement through development of collaborative initiatives to foster the realization of their international education objectives and resultant growth for ISA and WorldStrides
    • Achieve regional and partner-specific revenue and enrollment growth targets through strategy implementation and adjustments to shifts in the market.
  • Maintain and expand ISA’s relationship with US partnerships by acting as an advocate for the universities within ISA, as well as an ambassador of ISA within these partnerships and the professional as a whole
  • Support Health and safety incident management communications that go beyond needs met by HS&S team, and the Manager and staff on call
  • Communicate effectively with campus stakeholder and partners through extensive phone, email communication and video conferencing as well as face-to-face meetings on campus, at conferences and beyond
  • Play lead role in articulating bids, proposals, agreements and memoranda of understanding as necessary to solidify and define partnerships between U.S. universities and ISA
  • Assist with strategic utilization of any ISA benefits as set forth in our affiliation or other special agreements and consider refinement of these benefits to best align to their needs and our evolving partnership
  • Manage record keeping in the shared CRM pertaining to the universities within your region including campus visit notes, contacts, program developments, list of approved programs, emergency contact notes, and other CRM data points



  • Foster continual maintenance and improvement of ISA’s brand identity, perceived reputation in, and contributions to, the field of education abroad through the following:
    • Strategically engage with professional member organizations and special interest groups (e.g. Diversity Abroad, The Forum on Education Abroad, IIE, NAFSA) as executive management deems appropriate through:
      • Active membership
      • Engaged conference attendance including presenting conference sessions, collaborating on webinars, engaging with their social media, special interest campaigns, and possibly collaborative research
      • Management of relationships with key organizational stakeholders and decision makers on behalf of ISA
    • Keep abreast of trends, research, and activities of the competition within the field; reporting those trends back to other ISA stakeholders and members of the ISA Executive Management Team, informing ISA program development and business development strategies
    • Determine target aspirational schools with which ISA does not presently collaborate, then develop and pursue a strategic plan to foster these relationships



  • Report on enrollment, trends, opportunities and projects to ISA Management
  • Develop and refine ISA materials and resources that can facilitate discussions with university officials regarding partnerships or programming with ISA
  • Coordinate U.S. partner school outreach, student engagement and strategy with members of the other units that focus on sales and domestic relationships for ISA and other WS divisions
  • Liaise with partner schools as a representative of WorldStrides more broadly, including general representation of other divisions of WorldStrides in coordination with WorldStrides divisions which serve higher education partners, including:
    • Custom Programs
    • Excel Sports
    • On Stage
    • TEAN


II. Responsibilities for Supervision & Support of Supervisees (25%):

  • Determine with UP leadership how you and your team will each engage with which partners and in what ways to maximize our growth through service to our partners
  • Guide creation of strategy for schools within your region, and coach supervisees in successful relationship management. Supervisee’s actions and activities may include all of those listed in the section above, but should focus approximately 80% of their focus on “B to C” work, while this position’s focus remains on  “B to B”.
  • Maintain sufficient level of knowledge regarding all aspects of your supervisee's role and engage with them in such a way that they are poised for success with this role
  • Guide and advocate for professional developments opportunities for your supervisee(s)
  • Perform additional management duties include approving flights, reviewing travel logistics, approving PTO requests, managing performance reviews


III. Other Responsibilities, Projects, and Misc. (5%)

  • Manage one or more special-project foci that fall under University Partnerships purview or which is newly identified and of strategic interest to our division and ISA
  • Serve the Health Safety, and Security department in a support role either as back-up manager on-call 5-8 weeks a year or as a team member on-call approximately once to twice a year
  • Other additional duties as assigned
  • Travel as necessary to achieve success in all of the above. Travel will entail approximately 40-60 days on campuses or at conferences per year
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