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CTS TTO1504: SME Mid
PR# 5385-CT
Last updated 9/10/19 1:33 PM
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CTS TTO1504: SME Mid
We need a motivated, sharp GUI developer who can prototype and build in newer javascript libraries like Angular and React.

 CYPRESSPOST (CSP) is a new tool being written in Angular that provides assessments to high end decision makers. It is important because it provides answers to questions that no one has been able to ASK before!

CSP is sitting at the hub of decision making across the cyber community and beyond. The customer is engaged and understands the need to shield the team from constantly changing requirements and so is a great partner to have in Agile planning.

 Required skills:
• 5 years’ development expertise
• UX / UI / HCI Designer with JavaScript development experience
• Data Visualization design
• Experience with Angular, D3.js
• Usability engineering experience

Desired Skills:
• Knowledge of business Process Management and Workflow Management domains and interfaces
• Experience developing in the MACHINESHOP or C2S/AWS environments
• Experience using Scrum development methods
• Experience with the Atlassian Suite (JIRA, in particular)

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