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Clinical Floater, Pedo
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D4C Dental Brands, Inc. is a dental support organization (DSO) that supports affiliated pediatric dentists, general dentists, and orthodontists in the Smiles For Life Network. We provide business management expertise and administrative operations support, so doctors can focus on their patients and clinical operations. Our team is dedicated to helping children achieve a lifetime of great oral health. Our locations offer an exciting and comforting environment for patients as our specialists deliver best-in-class care and treatment to all. Join us and take part in raising the standard in children’s oral healthcare! 



The Floater’s job responsibilities are based on what position he/she is expected to fulfill. Some Floaters may be able to fulfill one or several of the clinical positions such as: Hygiene Assistant, Treatment Coordinator, Front Desk Coordinator, and or Dental Assistant. The Floater will meet with the Practice Manager to confirm the job position and duties for the day. Duties and expectations are listed below for the following job positions

1. Hygiene Assistant // Treatment Coordinator:

  • Greets and brings patients back into the clinical area for their appointments.
  • Explains the general nature of the appointment to help set proper expectations. 
  • Obtains necessary periapical, bitewing, and panoramic x-rays for the appointment (must be x-ray certified). 
  • Assists the Doctor, Hygienist, and Dental Assistant in preparing the patient’s chair with the needed supplies and instruments. 
  • Cleans the chairs and rooms following treatment to prepare for the next patient.
  • Assists in the flow of patients: bring the patient back for treatment, assist throughout the appointment, guide patients and parents to the front desk upon completion of their appointment, and assist in any other area needed to help others in guiding patients through the visit. 
  • Ensures proper cleaning, sterilization, and maintenance of all equipment, instruments, chairs, and work stations based on OSHA regulations and the Company standards. 
  • Runs the sterilization area of the clinic to ensure all instruments are properly sterilized and available for continued hygiene and operatory treatment. 
  • Assists the Hygienist in charting dentition and entering clinical notes of the patient. 
  • Maintains patient confidentiality through HIPAA compliance as well as adhere to all OSHA rules and regulations.
  • Works as a team within the organization- partnering with the Practice Manager, Doctors, Hygienists, Dental Assistants, Front Desk Coordinators and other Clinical Assistants to maintain consistency and teamwork.
  • Works with the Doctor to enter recommended treatment plans during patient exams and assist in entering clinical notes.    

 2. Dental Assistant:

  • Must take impressions.
  • Must take diagnostic x-rays and display the x-rays according to the type of procedure.
  • Accurately charts and documents all notes pertaining to the patient during the exam and treatment set forth by the Company guidelines.
  • Reviews the patient’s chart, medical history, HIPAA, treatment plan and consent forms prior to treatment, and identify any potential concerns for you and the Doctor to consider.
  • Monitors the patient at all times while he or she is on nitrous oxide.
  • Obtains stabilization consent form from the parent or guardian as requested by the Doctor.
  • Must review and understand the patient’s insurance eligibility.
  • Ensures patient confidentiality and any release of patient information is done according to HIPAA regulation and the Company guidelines. 
  • Manages the day’s schedule by keeping a smooth flow of patients and minimizing unnecessary wait times for patients and parents. 
  • Properly cleans, sterilizes, and maintains all operatory equipment, instruments, chairs, and workstations based on OSHA regulations and the Company standards as needed, following every patient’s treatment. 
  • Promotes oral care education to all patients and parents or guardians.
  • Understands how to work effectively within the office, partnering with the Practice Manager, Doctor(s), and other staff to maintain consistency and integrity within the Company.  

3.  Front Office Coordinator:

  • Greets the patient with a smile, and accommodates his or her needs with a comfortable and pleasant manner.
  • Checking in patients upon arrival at the office, as well as obtaining necessary financial, personal, and or medical updates.
  • Checks the patient out upon completion of the appointment, schedules the next appointment(s) as needed and provide him or her with any necessary documents, including treatment plans, receipts, school excuse notes, or appointment reminder cards. 
  • Ensures that the procedure codes are accurately entered into the ledger and that they match the patient’s router.
  • Provides patients with a high level of customer service by answering the telephone promptly, communicating in a courteous manner, and inquiring about their needs.
  • Makes outbound calls to patients to confirm appointments, as well as work on the call lists to schedule appointments that may be needed. 
  • Must have a good understanding of insurance benefits to effectively communicate to the patient. 
  • Follows the Company policies pertaining to collections and financial protocols. 
  • Ensures patient confidentiality and any release of patient information is done according to HIPAA regulation and the Company guidelines. 



  • Minimum high school diploma, or equivalent.  
  • Experience working in a professional, medical, or dental environment with direct customer service is desired. 
  • X-ray certification is required and can be obtained through the Company.
  • Where required by the state, the employee must maintain any other certifications and or licenses needed to perform as a Dental Assistant.



  • Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills.
  • Must be customer service oriented and able to communicate with a pleasant demeanor at all times. 
  • Effective written and verbal communication is a must with all staff and management.
  • Must be able to project a capable and professional image- one that is reflective of Company Values.
  • Must possess excellent organizational skills (strong attention to detail, be able to multitask and perform job duties in a timely manner).
  • General knowledge and understanding of dental treatment and care.
  • Dental Assistant training and being familiar with routine dental procedures and requirements.  
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