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2018 Labour Pool Submissions

Posting Number: 4952
Company Description: Nova Scotia Power Inc.
Department Description:
Number of Open Positions: 1
Location: CA - Flexible (Nova Scotia, Canada)


The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 1928 and Nova Scotia Power Labour Pool was formed through contract negotiations in 1993 and began operation in September 1996. Today, the Labour Pool provides a safe, competent, flexible and cost effective casual work force to NS Power’s five thermal plants, hydro production, field operations, transmission maintenance, procurement and meter services. The Labour Pool consists of a formal rotation list of qualified trades and non-trades members throughout the province including Electricians, Machinists, Millwrights, Meter persons, Chemical Technicians and Utility/labourers.  Members of the Labour Pool are an integral part of NS Power operations and can be employed for various periods of time.

The IBEW Local 1928 and Nova Scotia Power Labour Pool is divided into two sections for new external candidates: B Pool and C file:

How do you apply for the Labour Pool?

Submit your resume to us, indicating your desire to be placed in the Labour Pool. This places your name in the entry level ‘C file’.  The selection process of potential C file candidates takes place in October – November every year.  If selected, you will be called for a pre-screening which includes an interview, background check, medical evaluation and training specific to NS Power work sites. Training is provided between January and March. While in the C file, candidates are not members of IBEW Local 1928.

What are the criteria for moving in to the B Pool?

In order to move from the C file into the B Pool, you must accrue 480 hours of employment; acquire an evaluation and recommendation from your supervisor and their manager; and submit an application for inclusion.  Once accepted into the Labour Pool B you become a member of IBEW Local 1928. Your name will then go on a formal rotation list.


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