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Welcome to the Kent District Library (KDL) employment application page.  KDL’s vision is to be the cornerstone of a literate society.  To achieve this vision, KDL staff

  • Foster a love of reading and learning.
  • Provide equal access to information, services, materials, and programming for all people.
  • Evolve in order to meet the changing needs of the people and communities we serve, and
  • Partner with communities in order to attain mutual goals.

If you are interested in joining us as an employee, we would welcome your electronic application.  To review current openings and apply for employment, select a search option below.  You will be asked to create an account before completing an application online.  Doing so will assist you in applying for future or multiple positions while only completing a single application.

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Previous Applicants

If you have previously applied to a position on our website, input your e-mail address and password below to login.

***PLEASE NOTE:  Our application form has recently been changed.***

 Be sure to update your information prior to applying for any additional positions to avoid submitting an incomplete application.

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How will I know if you received my application?
If your application was successfully submitted, you will immediately receive a confirmation email from thanking you for submitting your application. 
When will I hear anything regarding my application? Will I be receiving a phone call?
Within 2-3 weeks after the posting closes, the Human Resources Department contacts those applicants who are selected for an interview.
Will I receive notification indicating the position has been filled?
Only applicants who are interviewed and not selected will receive a letter in the mail indicating a position has been filled.
Do I need to fill out the online application form if I attach a resume?
Yes, you must complete the online application form in order to be considered for an open position. A resume may be attached to the completed application as supplemental information, if desired.
Will I hear anything before the closing date of the position?
No, the Human Resources Department does not review applications received until after the closing date of the position.
Can I apply for postings marked “INTERNAL APPLICANTS ONLY”?
Only current employees of Kent District Library will be considered for these positions.
Do I need to submit an application for each open position I am interested in?
Yes, you do need to submit an application for each position you are interested in. However, once you complete an electronic application, you can reapply for future postings using the username and password you created. Following the KDL employment link, scroll down to the “PREVIOUS APPLICANT” section and enter your information to login. From the next screen, you can edit your application and attachments, search openings and submit your updated application.
Can I turn in my application in person?
Applications must be submitted online and cannot be accepted in person at any of our locations or by mail. 
Can I speak with someone regarding my application? 
Applications must be submitted online and cannot be accepted in person at any of our locations or by mail.  Due to the extremely high volume of applications we receive, it is our policy not to respond to questions regarding application status. If your application was received, you will receive an email acknowledgement.
For this position, will I have the same work hours scheduled each week? Do employees work at only one location or several?
Each branch is open different hours and employees are scheduled to fit the operational needs of the library. Employees may be assigned to one or more locations either on a temporary or permanent basis based on operational needs.
How many position openings do you have?
All open positions are posted at each branch location and on our website ( Positions are available throughout the year. Check one of the indicated locations for our current position postings.
May I submit an application even though there are no positions posted?
No, KDL only accepts applications during the posting period of an open position.
What is the Service Center? What services do they perform?
The Service Center is the office for our administrative and centralized processes. The employees at the Service Center perform the administrative functions of the library system. The Administration Department, Business Office, Collection Management Department, Communications Department, Human Resources Department and Information Technology Department are all located at the Service Center.
How often should I check your website for open positions?
The KDL website is updated continually as positions open and close. Applicants can check our website ( as often as they feel it is necessary.

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